Stop bitching, start acting

The time has come when it’s perfectly normal that the government is spying on it’s citizens.
The time has come when it’s perfectly normal that the government is spying on every data that passes through their border.
The time has come to fight against them.

It’s been more than a month since Edward Snowden leaked some information about the PRISM project. I believe that the more information is yet to come. And what are we doing? All we do is bitch about it. We need to work together, as a community, as a society, as a legion. We need to adapt to the fact that every major country is gathering all of the information they can about us, their citizens. They say that our privacy is gone, and that’s a bullshit. That’s a complete fucking bullshit.

We, the people, have to stop this. We must not take it as a fact and move on. And there is something that every single one of us can do.

If you are into computer science, learn a bit about cryptography. Learn about AES, DES, Salsa20, RC4… Learn, act, and educate everyone around you. Write a secure, wiretap-proof open source programs for communication. Give them to your friends. Educate them how and why they should use them.

If you are not a computer scientist, learn just a bit about cryptography, find some useful tools and programs and support the authors. Follow the information collected to you on PRISM Break and act, step by step. Don’t use Google, Facebook, Skype and the rest of those sites. Find the alternatives. Talk to your friends. Move them to those alternatives as well. I know it’s not easy to let some of your old habits away, but it’s definitely worth it. Every single part of your privacy is at risk.

Learn about Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Barrett Brown, Aaron Swartz, Bradley Manning, and all the other heroes that are yet to be discovered. Let them be your heroes. Learn about Anonymous and then you will see that they are a lot more than just a group of hackers. Now these people are the real heroes of our age.

We are in a biggest war in the human history right now and that war infects every single one of us, regardless of where you are and how old you are. We have the power to win this war, all we need to do is to organize and act together. I wouldn’t go that far to call this World War III, but it sure does sound like that.

I’m only 18, in a 10 to 15 years I’m going to have children, and I won’t let them live in a such horrible world. I’m not going to fight for myself, I’m going to fight for them. Now if you are with me we can leave better world to the next generations.

So let’s all stop bitching and start with some action! In this war, we only got one chance.

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